Ceiling fan tip from your Phoenix Electricians

This week we have a ceiling fan tip from your Phoenix Electricians, the fan direction makes a difference depending on the season. If you only run your ceiling fan during the summer season in the valley, your missing out on saving money. Even Phoenix Electricians forget to use the ceiling fan in the winter to warm up a room instead of running the heater. With much of our season calling for the cooling effect of a ceiling fan, try to remember to switch the direction during winter to keep your energy costs down. For winter time your ceiling fan should run on low and turn clockwise. This pulls the lower cooler air up to mix with warmer air and circulations the warmer air in the room.   Hopefully you can easily change the direction of your fan from a remote, if not, you can manually switch the direction. If you need a quick and easy test to see if the direction is correct for winter and you have little ones in the house, blow some bubbles and see if they travel up towards the fan. Thank you from your Phoenix Electricians for reading our blog.