How to buy new light bulbs

Remember the days when you went to the store and picked up a replacement 60 watt cheap light bulb, those days are long gone. Today we have more choices and energy efficient options than ever. The best way to replace a light bulb is to bring the old one with you to the store, compare the base to make sure it will fit properly and then choose the brightness. To do that you need to convert the amount of watts to the Lumens you need, you’re probably thinking what are Lumens? Lumens are metric measurement of the light bulbs brightness.   You can find a full conversion list below but if you find yourself at the store in hurry just remember around 1000 is the number you need to be between an old 60 to 75 watt bulb.

40 W = 450 Lumens

60 W = 800 Lumens

75 W = 1100 Lumens

100 W = 1600 Lumens