Spring cleaning tips

This blog is brought to you by your Peoria Electrician and is all about spring cleaning items that need to be done around your home. Some of these items are easy to do yourself; others like your air conditioning system may require a certified technician. Every spring when the weather is nice it is a good idea to check and clean the following items around your home; kitchen ovens, range exhaust fan, refrigerator coils, dryer vent, bathroom fans, ceiling fans and central air conditioning systems. Exhaust fans can be cleaned by using a home vacuum attachment and some soapy water to clean the cover. You might also replace those A/C filters that haven’t been used since the end of last summer season and remember to replace them monthly. If your oven has a self-cleaning option just open the windows and let it clean itself while you sip some ice tea and enjoy our Arizona weather. Your Peoria Electrician wishes you a wonderful spring clean!