What does being an “Electrician” really mean?

Your Peoria Electricians want to share what the different experience levels are for being an electrician in Arizona. The first stage is starting out as an apprentice. It requires 4-5 years with a merit based company apprentice program like the one offered by your Peoria Electricians at Alive Wire Electrical LLC or the IBEW Union apprentice program. An apprentice is legally only able to complete work under an electrical contractor. Next is a Journeyman electrician, this is the most common education level for an electrician. An electrician can stay as a journeyman electrician indefinitely. They are legally only able to complete work under an electrical contractor. The next stage is a Master Electrician; they must pass stringent testing to meet Master Electrician certification. They can oversee and train the Journeyman and apprentice electricians. They are the ones that determine if an apprentice has met the requirement to become a qualified Journeyman electrician. An Electrical Contractor must pass the Business Examination in addition to achieving the Master Electrician certification. They have verified experience in residential and or commercial installation and service. In addition they must meet state required bond and insurance requirements. Your Phoenix Electricians at Alive Wire Electrical have met all of those requirements. Lastly is the Electrical Engineer, to be an electrical engineer in you must have a minimum of a 4 year degree and they are different than the previous 3 types of electricians because they only do it on paper.